These PRINCIPLES for Success Are The KEY to Winning the Game of LIFE | Wallstreet Trapper

These PRINCIPLES for Success Are The KEY to Winning the Game of LIFE | Wallstreet Trapper

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Being trilingual is considered to be rather prestigious. Speaking other languages expands your ability to communicate so greatly it adds to the perceived value people will assign to you. But, when you are fluent in Street, Hustling, Broke Money, and Wall Street it becomes the twist no one ever expected. Wallstreet Trapper comes from a troubled past that includes being homeless at 14 and serving 10 years in prison by the age of 16. What he has learned over the years reaches far beyond knowing how to trade stocks and build wealth. His super power is speaking Wall Street in a language that correlates to the same losing game he played on the streets that ended with being shot, in jail or in prison for nearly everyone he knew. His wisdom and willingness to share and make an impact is affecting future generations and bringing Wall Street to the hood, proving that human potential is truly nearly limitless when you put knowledge to use.


0:00 | Violent Beginnings and Prison
8:46 | Finding Out It’s All A Game
14:16 | Real Gangsters Are in Wall Street
18:11 | Break Down Generational Poverty
25:15 | Good Business vs. Good Hustler
28:29 | Know How The Game Works
33:46 | Unapplied Knowledge
36:36 | Bringing Wall Street to the Streets
40:44 | Key To Wealth Is Ownership
46:21 | Power of Knowledge Applied
51:43 | If Investing Isn’t Possible


“Wealthy people do three things. They stop trading time for money. They make the money work for them. And they give as much value to people as they can.” [11:45]

“The reason why people think wealthy people are people with money or sinister, is because that’s what you kind of taught in the hood.” [17:09]

“Being at the bottom teaches you to envy people at the top.” [17:53]

“Generational poverty is not about money. It’s about mindset.” Tom Bilyeu [18:32]

“People can not want you to succeed all they want, but if you out invest them, they can’t stop you.” Tom Bilyeu [19:31]

“One of the things that happens often in the culture of black people is survival mode, you never get a chance to play offense. You’re always on defense, one, because of mindset” [22:27]

“A good business is just like a good hustler. A good business has great product. They have great clientele. A great hustler has a great product, he has consistent clientele.” [25:35]

“Once you start understanding the fundamentals, you give yourself power, because you now understand, like you said, you see how the machine works,” [30:22]

“Everybody around me had the same problem. No one represented the solution. So if I don’t change something, I’m only going to end up like everybody else.” [32:23]

“I got knowledge, I got information, but I still fell victim to the same shit that everybody around me knew. So therefore, the knowledge that I had wasn’t powerful because it wasn’t applied.” [34:32]

“It’s hard for people to make sacrifice, because you got to now go against and do without some of the things that gives you that momentary gratification.” [37:11]

“The key to building wealth is not how much you can work. You can’t work your way to wealth, you got to invest your way there, and all wealthy people, black, white, Asian, Chinese, they own a whole bunch of shit.” [42:31]

“So if I can break down things into struggle language now I’m making the game winnable for everybody. And that’s the goal, to make the game winnable for everybody who’s bold enough to step into the batting cage.” [50:37]

“Building wealth becomes a revolutionary act because now you start saying I’m going to go against what I was taught.” [52:25]

“The word possible is so powerful. Possible changes the game. Instead of it being impossible, we now say I am possible” [53:09]

“If learning is the catalyst to everybody who’s wealthy and successful, I can never be sufficient with what I know.” [54:24]

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