#MentorME #ExclusiveWorkshop How to write a personal Value Proposition

#MentorME #ExclusiveWorkshop How to write a personal Value Proposition

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Hello world,

Who I am? What value do I have and what value do I bring to this life?

Surely this question is common to most people, especially young people who are on their journey to find their value proposition. So what is a value proposition or self-branding? And why should you realise your own worth as soon as possible?

Self-brand positioning is learning about your own capabilities that you can spread and bring to those around you. Understanding your own values ​​not only helps determine the right direction in the future, but also is beneficial in relationships, thereby making it easier for you to enhance your values.

If you’re still wondering about yourself, here it out for today podcast!

Stay tuned to Chloe for more details on the workshop to be updated in the near future!


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