Mastering Church Online Ministry

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Mastering Church Online Ministry

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March 2020, due to COVID19 many pastors were forced to develop Church Online Ministries with the hopes that it would only last for a few months.
Twelve months later, churches are now focused not only on how to -reopen their brick and mortar houses of worship, but also maintain their Church Online presence. Glenda Boone, Church Marketing, Digital Brand Manager, and author of, The Church is Leaving the Building offered a FREE webinar appropriately titled Mastering Church Online Ministry that helps pastors learn how to now, maintain their Church Online Campus. Register using the link above or visit:

About Glenda Boone:

Glenda Boone offers Small Business Owners, Corporations, and Churches cost-effective DIY digital marketing strategies to help develop, manage and monetize their business and churches. Glenda is the Creator of several books in the aforementioned areas as well as the Creator and host of her popular Youtube show, “Coffee With Glenda and Friends” that airs on this channel every Monday where she offers her time to answer any business question a viewer or special guest may have.

Glenda Boone is a Brand Management and Digital Marketing Consultant with more than 25 years of experience. She has planned some of the country’s most notable events including The nationally televised Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church’s Election Night Coverage of President Barack Obama and the memorial service of Coretta Scott King. Further, she has helped pastors produce logistical plans and playbooks for some of the most noted and fruitful religious conferences held in the US including the Kingdom Conference that was used as a business model to form Megafest. Also recognized for creating arts and entertainment productions, Glenda has collaborated with several acclaimed visual, performing, music literary artists and producers including Annie Lee, (Fine Artist) Billy Dee Williams, (Actor-Fine Artists) Xernona Clayton, (founder, Trumpet Awards Foundation), and Kathy Hughes (TV One/Radio One), as well as some of the country’s most acclaimed religious leaders including Bishop Walter S. Thomas, Rev, Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Bishop Paul Morton, Bishop TD Jakes, Bishop Eddie Long, Rev. Dr. Brad R. Braxton and Rev. Dr. Raphael Warnock, to name a few. During her tenure in this field, she has developed relationships with more than 1,000 churches as well as an accomplished network of ministers, communicators, audiovisual service providers, meeting planners, and public relation specialists, enabling her to provide her clients with the expertise networks, venues and audiences they are seeking to serve. Realizing the marketing landscape was changing in 2009, Glenda set out to learn digital marketing strategies that would assist Pastors and small business owners in navigating digital marketing platforms. Today Glenda is sought out by many to provide eChurch training, workshops, and online marketing, media buy, and social media management services to the clients she serves. Glenda attended Coppin State University and earned a Bachelor of Science In Business degree with a concentration in Project Management from the University of Phoenix. She and her husband, Milton, are the proud parents of three daughters.
You can follow Glenda on Social Media at:
facebook: @glendaboonethemuse
Instagram: @glendaboonethemuse
Twitter: @glendaboonthem
via Email:
phone: 888-521-0660
About Glenda Boone


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