Market & Economic Update Webinar

Market & Economic Update Webinar

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Join John Vance, President & Chief Investment Officer at Vance Wealth, as we review 2020 and discuss Vance Wealth’s expectations are for 2021 and beyond.


0:00 Introduction
2:19 Vance Wealth Update
8:30 Is the Stock Market Overvalued?
17:24 Did COVID-19 Create an Economic Depression?
23:10 Is the US Economic Healthy?
31:04 The Roaring 20’s: Can This Market Rally Continue?
37:03 What is The Federal Reserve Doing with Interest Rates and Printing Money?
42:49 Why Are We Investing in International Equity Markets When the US is Doing Better?
56:14 With All of This Volatility, Why Should I Remain Invested with a Long-Term Approach?
1:03:39 Your Political Party Just Lost the Election or Won?
1:07:57 Can I Buy Individual Stocks Rather Than Mutual Funds and ETFS?
1:13:42 Party Like it’s 1999: Are We on the Verge of Another Dot-Com Bubble?
1:19:23 What’s Being Proposed by the Biden Administration?
1:24:10 What’s Your Focus for 2021? 10 Things Investors Should Remember


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