Gettysburg: The Final Measure of Devotion – Full Feature Documentary

Gettysburg: The Final Measure of Devotion – Full Feature Documentary

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The Battle of Gettysburg is considered a major turning point in the Civil War. This film explores Abraham Lincoln’s role as commander in chief and Lee’s invasion of the North.

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The production features commentary by Ronald F. Maxwell and leading Gettysburg historian, Allen Guelzo. Battle sequences are from the largest Civil War reenactment ever staged The 150th Gettysburg Anniversary Reenactment.

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Directed by Robert Child
Narrated by Ron Drew

Movie Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
06:02 Gettysburg: The Final Measure of Devotion
09:00 July 1, 1863
16:13 General Francis Barlow
21:51 July 2, 1863 “The Wheatfield”
29:17 The Union Center
38:02 East Calvary Field
41:07 A High Water Mark
55:07 We Had Only to Close Our Fingers
57:39 Credits

IMDb Review:
Robert Child wrote and directed this very good documentary on the Battle of Gettysburg. If you’re a history buff then I’m going to guess that you’re going to know the majority of the stories that are told here but that’s not going to take away from the entertainment value. I’m not sure what the budget of this was but we’re given some very good re-enactment scenes that are extremely well-done and believable. The film also benefits from a wealth of knowledge told through the narrator as well as some history buffs. At just 61-minutes the film never overplays its welcome and I’d argue that fans of the genre should really enjoy this. A lot of times these low-budget documentaries are just made to try and milk whatever money that can from fans but this one here was extremely worthwhile.

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