Forsage Ethereum Dapps Smart Contract|Forsage Automated Marketing System FAS|The Best Way To Start

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Forsage Ethereum Dapps Smart Contract|Forsage Automated Marketing System FAS|The Best Way To Start

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Forsage Ethereum Dapps Smart Contract|Forsage Automated Marketing System FAS|The Best Way To Start

(What Is Forsage ?)

Forsage is a Ethereum earning program that functions on a Smart Contract.

It allows you to work from home or anywhere you choose, as you see your account grow with crypto earnings. The program is powerful, flexible and has no time limits, targets, or pressure.

Forsage works on the specific features of the Ethereum Cryptocurrency, allowing users to earn a long-term residual Ethereum income through a powerful referral system.

Once you join, you need to refer at least three people to do the same. This new type of program is unique and different from what most online marketers are used to

By the fact that it runs on a smart contract, which is a constituted blockchain technology that describes an automated digital contract that cannot be broken or changed by anybody.

For example, if Forsage closes business or its website, the program remains functional. This therefore, means that no person can ever tamper with or stop the intended working of the prescribed process by either bad intention or incompetence. And if you’re familiar with MLM/Network Marketing, you might be aware of the failures, scams, or shutdowns associated with them. Forsage comes as a permanent solution to those problems.

It’s Time For Us To Build To The Moon
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The More Slots You Activate In Forsage Matrixes From The Start The More You Can Earn!

Joining my team I will provide all training and videos so you can get setup and start making profits ASAP.

You don’t have to be an expert to profit in this system.

All videos will detail how to make this system work for you and all of your team will have these very same training videos, creating a massive duplication effect, earning you continous residual profits without having to talk to anyone… if you choose that way OR you can talk to people as well and earn even more!

How It Works:
All payouts are INSTANT!

Forsage X3 Level ONLY:
Slot 1 earns you 0.025 ETH – ~$3 unlimited times

Slot 2 earns you 0.05ETH ~$7

Slot 3 earns you 0.1ETH ~$14

Slot 4 earns you 0.2ETH ~$27

Slot 5 earns you 0.4ETH ~$54

Slot 6 earns you 0.8 ETH ~$110

Slot 7 earns you 1.6ETH ~$220

Slot 8 earns you 3.2ETH ~$440

Slot 9 earns you 6.4ETH ~$880 etc.

*** Most People Activate 3-6 Slots in EACH Matrix Forsage X3 & Forsage X4.

Forsage X3 & X4 Levels:
You need 0.35 ETH for 3 Slots In Each

0.75 ETH for 4 Slots in each

1.55 ETH for 5 Slots in Each

3.15ETH for 6 Slots in Each

6.35 ETH for 7 slots in each

12.75ETH for 8 slots in each.

You Decide…
You Invest…

I would recommend starting with 8 Slots on both X3 & x4 which is 6.4 ETH Total.

As the price of ETH naturally increases you also benefit from all profits mades literally by doing nothing!

ETH / USD Calculator:
From ETH to USD

See The Forsage Smart Contract On Etherscan Here

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