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VIETNAM CENTRE POINT – Education & Media Group

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VIET NAM HOP DIEM (Vietnam Centrepoint ) – Education & Media Group, established since 2000, is a professional international education provider. So far, the VIET NAM CENTREPOINT GROUP has incorporated 3 institutions: CENTREPOINT Ltd, SAIGON CENTREPOINT ENGLISH SCHOOL and CENTREPOINT MEDIA Ltd

Education Consultancy (Overseas School placement, New school project, Education promotion events)
English School for Overseas Study Preparation
Sales training, Publisher of books, Magazines and Event holding

VIETNAM CENTREPOINT started to offer short-term professional training courses in Public relations and Marketing design since 2005 for SMEs in collaboration with Ho Chi Minh city Investment and Trade Promotion Center and Ho Chi Minh city Young Businesspeople Association.

To response high demand for human resources training in Sales and Marketing for trading sector, since the beginning of 2010, CENTREPOINT MEDIA has launched Retail Training and Consultancy Program, particular in training courses for Sales and Marketing staffs.

So far, the training program has developed four modules including 17 different courses. All the programs are registered and endorsed by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Welfare.

Until now, over 3050 managers and staffs from some 175 enterprises attended above training courses Among them, there are many well know firms in Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces such as SAIGON Newport Corp, SAIGON Trading Corp. (SATRA), Ho Chi Minh city Food Copr. (FoodCoSa), BEN THANH Trading group, SAIGON COOP Mart system, SAIGON COOP FOOD stores, BIG C Hyper Market, EXIMBANK, DONG TAM group, Sai Gon Construction Group, THAI TUAN Textile group, DUC THANH Wood Manufacturing group , RANG DONG plastics, SAIGON COMESTICS corp, REBEL- MOTTOROCK motor corp, HA VANG fashion corp, HONG THANH SHOES corp., PHUONG NAM Travel corp. , HUONG GIANG Travel corp. CHU VIET Investment & trading corp.

In addition to public training, the CENTREPOINT MEDIA also offers customized in-house courses for various companies.
Since May 2011, the CENTREPOINT MEDIA converted all Retail Training and Consultancy program to be SALES  MARKETING SERVICES (SMS) to confirm and improve services quality and training diversity.


1. MR . TRAN HUU PHUC TIEN , Director

Mr TRAN HUU PHUC TIEN, Founder and CEO of VIETNAM CENTREPOINT- Education and Media group, is currently Director of STMC. As ex- journalist, then businessmen, Mr Phuc Tien has about 25 experiences working year in media, marketing and training. He is awarded the Certified Professional Services  given by Singapore Workforce Development Agency in 2010. Previously, he was reporter and editor of the TUOI TRE newspaper, the SAIGON TIMES DAILY newspaper, SAIGON ECONOMIC TIMES weekly magazine and the THE GIOI MOI magazine. During 2003-2010, Mr. Phuc Tien was Executive member of Ho Chi Minh City Businesspeople Association. Mr. Phuc Tien received REUTERS FELLOWSHIP to study in OXFORD in 1993. For SMS, he is lecturer on Media and Marketing


2. Dr. NGUYEN QUYET CHIEN , Vice Director ( Academic affairs )

Dr. Nguyen Quyet Chien is university lecturer in Finance and Accountancy. He is also currently Vice Genral Director of Ho Chi Minh city Infrastructure Investment Corp. Dr Chien is used to be a trainer of BUSINESS EDGE, a World Bank funded training program, Vice Rector of GIA DINH university, executive member of Ho Chi Minh city securities company. About 25 years, Dr Chien has worked as business manager, trainer and adviser for business enterprises as well as education institutions. For SMS, he has conducted lecture on Sales Finance.


3. Mr. Pham Dinh Son, Permanent Vice Director

Mr Pham Dinh Son is used to be Head of Media affairs Department of Ho Chi Minh City Businesspeople Association and also Personal assistant for the CEO of DONG TAM group. He has about 10 years experiences working in media, business societies. Mr Dinh Son attended training course on Media services in Danmark .For SMS, he is also lecturer on media and marketing.





Trainers of SMS are not only academic staff but also practioners. Many of them are working at Vietnam enterprises as well MNC companies ( for details, please . click here ).



SMS has two lecture venues for both public and In-house training. All lecture rooms are equipped with air-con, LCD and Wifi

Venue 1: 192 Ly Thai To St., Dist 3, HCMC

Venue 2: 26 Le Quy Don St., Dist 3, HCMC



So far, VIETNAM CENTREPOINT has partnership with overseas traing institutes as below.

With University of Missouri at St.Louis (USA)

With Johnson and Wales University (USA)

With Pierce College (USA)

With California State University, Long Beach (USA)

With Orange Coast College (USA)

With Asia Academy for Retailing (Singapore)

With Asia-Pacific International University (Thailand)

With Mickly Lee, Academic Director – Marketing Institute of Singapore

San Diego University 
Representatives in a visit to VNCP

In a conversation with Hungary President

Meet up with US Community college representatives