Do This Every Morning To Lose Weight | growwithjo

Do This Every Morning To Lose Weight | growwithjo

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Start your day with a smile on your face and by putting your health first! This will set the tone for your day and you will get your workout done first thing!

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When I asked my community on Instagram (@growwithjo) what the most difficult part of their days were, there was a huge response saying “WAKING UP”, “STARTING MY DAY RIGHT”, “BEING IN A GOOD MOOD WHEN I WAKE UP”.

I totally get this. Especially if you are waking up early and just not feeling like getting yourself to move out of your bed.

This is why I created this workout; to help you feel energized when you wake up, to boost your metabolism and for you to lose weight faster!

If your goal is not to lose weight, that’s okay! This workout is great for all (especially beginners) – the entire workout is all standing, no equipment is needed, and you can even do this workout in a small space.

If any of the exercises are too challenging for you or too fast, slow it down, go at your own pace and if you cant continue to do the exercise, just walk in place. The goal is to keep your heart rate elevated so you get that metabolism boost and see RESULTS from this workout!

I know you’ve got this- there is nothing that can stop you if you put your mind to it!

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