Common Problems With Digital Marketing | ALEPH-GLOBAL SCRUM TEAM ™

Common Problems With Digital Marketing | ALEPH-GLOBAL SCRUM TEAM ™

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Because Digital Marketing is so vast, there are a wide variety of problems that can occur. It’s impossible to predict all of them, but there are several very common problems that many marketers will encounter when marketing Digitally.

1. Generating Traffic as a newcomer feels like getting a rowboat and leaving the harbor, hoping you’ll hit land at some point. It’s going to be difficult to start generating traffic, but once it starts, it’s hard to stop. Advertising programs, like Google Ads, can put your brand out there, while consistent Social Media activity can help create a forward-moving train of content about your brand. Pairing several different early-stage Digital Marketing methods together can really help get your roots down.
2. Consistent Branding can be difficult to achieve when there are such a variety of websites providing different ways of marketing your brand. To help build the identity of your brand, though, it is important to aim for consistency. This can be with easily identifiable brand colors, visual design, language, and more. This extends to Social Media posts, website design, and ads.
3. Cultural and Social Changes are huge hurdles when it comes to marketing digitally. Because the world is evolving so fast, and this is exemplified the best within the digital space, it can be hard to keep up. Failing to keep up can lead to marketing blunders that can potentially damage your brand. To keep up, you need to consistently keep an eye on the culture and social changes of the Digital world, and know when to play it safe, and when to play it risky.

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