20 SECRET ledges to outplay your opponents in Halo

20 SECRET ledges to outplay your opponents in Halo

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Continuation of last weeks Ghost Clamber breakdown, showcasing over 20 unique spots across Regret and a handful of other maps.

Last weeks guide on “Ghost Clambering”:

Shoutout to Bubba & Vitamin, I learned the final ghost clamber (at 25:00) watching their content, make sure to check them out!

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Vitamin Twitter:

Shoutout to Ligh1s once again for the smooth edits in the intro of this video xD – make sure to check out his content also!


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Intro: (0:00)
Pink side Ghost Clambers: (1:12)
Car side Ghost Clambers: (4:26)
Car side “Shotzzy Spot”: (4:50)
Useful Car 1 to Car 2 clamber: (5:36)
Unique clamber on Red side: (7:44)
Hitting Car 1 to Car 2 on Regret: (8:36)
Useful Car 2 to Car 3 clambers: (10:34)
Bottom mid secret clamber ledge: (12:07)
The most OP clamber on the map: (13:55)
Secret high clamber on top mid: (17:17)
Coliseum Ghost clambers: (20:18)
Eden Ghost Clambers: (22:16)
Fissure Ghost Clamber skill jump: (23:33)
Secret clambers on The Rig: (23:59)
Outro: (26:40)

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